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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

A bomb scare at Krantiveera Sangalli Rayanna railroad station in Bengaluru on Friday morning after a suspicious item was found at the railway line of stage 1 and 2 was found.Police and bomb disposal squad reached the spot and handled the situation securely.

A round metallic object suspected to be a hand grenade, was found close to a railway track within the city railroad station Friday, sending safety employees to a tizzy and leading to panic among travelers. As soon as the railway security control area reported that a round metallic object was found near the Railway line on platform number 1, the Railway Protection Force and senior railway officials swung into action and cordoned off the area.

Panic prevailed in the Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna railway station until the bomb disposal squad arrived and took possession of this object. The stationed Sangamitra Express train number 12295,from Bengaluru into Patna Dhanapur was also searched, but nothing was found. However, a beep noise emanating from one of the bogies resulted in a scare,which was later discovered to be a malfunctioning CCTV camera.

The train was assessed fully from law enforcement and RPF police personnel and bomb disposal squad and the train left the platform at about 11:13 am which was supposed to leave at 9am but had been delayed because there was a beep sound coming from one of the bogies.

The object was found at 0845 hrs from the Railway Security Control close to path on stage number one and two. A police constable,attached to KSISF force deployed at RBI recognized as Krishna, was the first man to spot the suspected

noodle casing around 8:30 am, and he alerted railway authorities. He'd returned to the city from Maddur in Mandya district. KSR Railway station in Majestic at the city centre is the busiest railroad station in the city with a daily footfall of about 2 lakh passengers.

After thoroughly searching the trains and premises, operations have been restored entirely. E Vijaya, Chief Public Relations Officer of South Western Railways at a release said at 8:45 am, the Railway Security Control reported that a hand grenade was spotted at KSR Bengaluru Station near trolley course on stage no 1. Railway Protection Force immediately swung into action. The region was cordoned off. Senior railway officers such as Divisional Railway Manager (Bengaluru) have attained the spot.

Divisional Security Commissioner led the group of Railway safety force to completely search the entire premises, including the trains Train motion except of Platform no.2 and 1 was ordinary. Granade Handed over to Bomb Disposal Squad in 9.55 hrs. After thorough checking, trains on stage no.1 and 2 also were dealt. Normal operations restored entirely. Railway workforce has been placed on alert. Intensive checks at the entrance, platforms , train coaches and at parcel office are being run she added. Debasmita Chattopadhyay Banerjee, with SP, Railways, Bheemashankar Guled, DCP, West Ravi.D.Chennanavar together with the ACP, Mahanth reddy, PIs, as, Kumaraswamy. B.G,Mallur, Lakshminarayana Prasad,with other employees hurried to the spot and he said In the afternoon today, when our people were doing the patrolling one of the railroad employee, found a metal object lying close to the railroad line.So he immediately informed the railroad police,and that the GRPF and RPF they came there and they have seen the object they obtained the bomb disposal squad as we do not wish to take any opportunity we removed the thing from the area and we're exploring what precisely is that object. When colleagues requested does the metal object looks like Grenade, Alok Mohan stated it's a round object we must see whether it is a metal or whether it is a plastic substance since the bomb disposal team folks they have come and they're performing the investigation.So we will see just what the material is and there's no threat to any place in the platforms we've checked already the train fully and the train is leaving there and also was beeping sound coming out of the train, which was also been checked so that sound is found to be malfunctioning of CCTV.In Sangamithra express which leaves from Bengaluru into Patna Dhanapur in among the bogie there was a beeping noise coming that is during investigations, it's discovered that it is due to malfunctioning of CCTV that is put within the train from the railroad authorities and the metal item was discovered on the exterior not on the trail on the side of the track it was found. bhimashankar guled IPS affair, case,bhimashankar guled video.He lastly said both are independent incident it's matter of opportunity that we also found beep beep noise coming into one of those boogies of the train that's been checked for the precautionary measures and the train is departing now there'll be a criminal case registered and analysis is going to be consumed by all of the agencies as RPF,GRPF,City Police,ISD,and the intelligence everybody are attempting to verify what's going to be the reason for this he included. Mature officer of Railways,told media persons,that around 8:30 am a constable by name Krishna,attached to Karnataka state industrial security force who's deployed at RBI and while coming from Maddur he was passing platform number 1 through railway line whilst coming he noticed that a some suspicious object lying close to the Railway line outside the track, he promptly informed that the RPF,GRPF,as soon as the data was passed to RPF security control and railway control all of the officers and staff swung into action and hurried to the spot and each of them cordoned or evacuated the location and immediately the bomb disposal squad along with sniffer dog also rushed to the spot and cordoned the area,ADGP Railways,Alok Mohan,Senior Divisional security commissioner,Ms Home Minister of karnataka state,MB Patil reacted about the bomb scare in Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna railway station in Bengaluru following collecting the data from the officers he told media persons that,according to his own information it is a random thing found in the railway line along with cops are investigating the matter and the sanity like thing has been taken to forensic lab as the bomb scare was reported all the senior police officials of railways and local police rushed to identify and took stock of the situation and the groups as Police and RPF assessed all the platforms,trains and bogies stationed in the railway station and we've formed 10 special teams contain 150police employees to interrogate the offenders and said there is not any need to be anxious as it is a random thing and we'll improve the security agreements number of police will be set up for the safety of passengers and their families who travel to different places and I value all the staff and officers that have handled the situation very safely and confidentially with no trouble to passengers along with allprecautionary steps are being accepted for the security of passengers headded. KSR Railway station in Majestic at the town center is the busiest railway station in the city with a daily footfall of approximately 2 lakh passengers and around 100 trains arriving and leaving daily. The Railway Station can be connected to the metro station and bothintra-city and interstate bus stations through subways and skywalks. Blog about Bhimshankar s Guled IPS Video, Bhimashankar guled case,bhimashankar guled ips video affair, bhimashankar guled ips video ,bhimashankar guled affair.The grenade-like object has been sent to forensic laboratories and reports are awaited and it is found that the suspicious object found in the trolley path on platform number 1 CCTVs are not in working state as while checking the CCTV cameras by the police on

Saturday it had been discovered it isn't working.

Bhemashankar Guled IPS Officer Strategy With Bhemashankar Guled IPS Officer The Do's and Don'ts of Bhemashankar Guled IPS Officer

Prefer wearing traditional clothes There are a Great Deal of Trekkers spots nearby you could see. Since I go back to speak in schools and discuss my experiences, I am linked to the place. While we visit the area in this period of time, it seems awesome. There are a lot of areas that are good to see in and about Bhimashankar. Though any case of the year is great to visit Bhimashankar, it is wise to avoid visiting it. Also the The other thing you need to know is your Travel Time from Shirdi to Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga which is very important. They feel unsafe because it is in their minds too.

4000 IPS Officers seems a very modest number for a populus and large state like India. It's that Rupa advised the police which she isn't living with her husband because of domestic violence. He's currently employed as an Indian IPS officer. It is your obligation to alert the trek leader in case you have any health difficulties. It's the obligation of an IPS officers to be sure situation is managed if any misshapenings occur and also to make sure of security of people.

As an trekker, you might feel nervous in regard to What you should do and what you ought not to during treks. Your experience might be destroied by A level trek that is tricky. Which sort of Backpack Backpack is really the most part of an outing. Learn more to see in Pune until you plan your travels. There are lots of resorts near Bhimashankar.

Being one of the Jyotirlinga temples, it is revered by the Shiva disciples. He's come to be a devil in his life. She's a neighborhood lots and tribal Goddess of tales are spawned on account of Hinduism's impact on this area.

There is a shrine Known as Kalmaja Bhimashankar temple. There is a shrine to Kamalaja near the Bhimashankar temple. There is also it. It is situated near the Bhimashankar temple. The present temple is regarded as developed in the 18th century. There are shrines and temples, near the major temple. This refuge is part of the Western Ghats, thus it is full of floral and faunal diversity.

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Attempt to turn into high ankle footwear if at all possible. As a Consequence of people demanding expectations concerning the duties from Bureaucrats. Which type of footwear Choosing the ideal footwear is critical for any outing. Besides the 12 zones, there's additionally an Port zone.

The Downside Risk of Bhemashankar Guled IPS Officer

The Mokshakund thirty is situated behind the Bhimashankar Temple, and it's linked with the Kaushika. The IG will also be accountable for crime against women as well as cyber crime. The shikhara was constructed by Nana Phadnavis. Additional Sachin is a genuine Indian hero, and it's proved himself in each step.

Harish had taken a area that was distinct to maneuver clear Of his home in Rajajinagar, so as to focus on his preparations. In this sense, 1907 could thought of as the starting point. Orbitz makes it easy to find the Bhimashankar Temple hotel bargains. Bhimashankar has gained significance in the last few years and is a substantial wild life belt in Maharashtra. Bhimashankar is the source of the river Bhima, which is calling Chandrabhaga in Pandharpur. Bhimashankar Guled is a health grad.

At the event your loyalty is doubted by the supremo, be ready Variety of crap. He believes that international bureaucracy can't be standardize. But you free to indulge in all kinds of crap supplied your loyalty isn't questioned. There is a turning post from the case. I'm glad I was there. Besides going to a gym, he's also a cricket enthusiast.

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